Demand API V3 for search and availability (type 2) partners

As of 1 September 2022, we’re offering our partners first-access to a reimagined API.

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Rebuilt from the ground up, the new version of our Demand API allows you to provide even better service for your customers. New and improved features make it easier for them to find what they want, and our refined new design will save your development team time as well. Longer term, it offers exciting opportunities to grow our partnership in rapidly growing non-accommodation products.

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A better solution to meet traveller needs


Offer a seamless search-and-book experience that gives travellers more of what they want and – thanks to new and improved features – makes it even easier for them to find what they need. You’ll even gain access to exclusive rates, with more being added over time.

  • Improved experience for more complex room needs, such as group and family searches (31% of our summer searches have been for family stays, and families tend to stay longer and spend more)
  • Improved bed configuration
  • Access to rates exclusive to this version of the API, including Long Stay Rates
  • Filter guest reviews based on new categories such as cleanliness, value for money, staff etc.
  • New functionality enables searching for properties close to a certain landmark

Save your development team time and effort


This is our fastest API yet. It’s also our easiest to use. That means less time spent on troubleshooting, which frees up your development resources for where they matter most. And if your team does need help, they’ll have access to priority support.

  • Easier debugging and error handling
  • Developers can now get responses in multiple languages with one call
  • Enhanced security mechanisms for both partner and user data
  • The API’s performance, stability and functionality have been extensively tested by pilot partners such as Tripadvisor.
  • Access to priority support
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First adopters get benefits before anyone else


API V3 will be the first API version to offer your customers all travel products in one API. Attractions, car rentals, flights and taxis are expanding areas of our business and some of these verticals will be available on API V3 as early as 2023. With demand for them only set to increase, this represents a great opportunity for you and your customers.

  • Access to attractions, car rentals, flights and taxis as early as 2023
  • You will be the first to access these verticals the day that they are ready
  • Substantial cross-sell opportunity across verticals
  • As the use of smartphones for travel planning continues to grow, the demand for connecting elements of a trip will only increase.

Tried & tested in collaboration with Tripadvisor.


Be among the first to get access to API V3

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Who can access V3?

Version 3 of our API is available for all our content, search and availability (Type 2) partners to use.

When will new verticals be added?

As early as next year

What new verticals are you considering adding to V3?

The additional trip elements currently under consideration include attractions, flights, car rental, and taxis

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