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Click. 2023: Key takeaways for Demand Partnerships

Click. 2023

At Click. 2023, leaders took to the stage to share what we’re doing to create an even better experience for you in 2023. Here we explore some of the highlights. 

The year travel came back 

Jérémy Cornuau, Director of Global Distribution summed up 2022 for his team as being about: “First recovery, then growth and then explosive growth.” While our VP of Partnerships, Mark van der Linden said, 2022 was a “record year” for 

So, what made 2022 so successful? We used the Covid period to rethink how we could drive value and incremental demand for our partners, Cornuau explained: “We pivoted a lot of our strategies – particularly what we’ve done around corporate and business travel in general.” This has meant an uptick in our corporate travel business – an area where Demand Partners like you have added incredible value. 

What’s coming up this year – and how it benefits you

Looking ahead, the team shared their plans and predictions for 2023 and beyond. Overall, the session covered five key themes for the future of partnerships: 

1. An app-first mindset for incremental conversions

Everything is going to be ‘app-first’. Cornuau explained: “We’re making significant investment in helping our Demand Partners transition from a desktop mentality to an app-first mentality. It’s really about making all those front-end features that we give our Demand Partners available in-app.”

Overall, we want to deliver a more comfortable user experience while driving incremental conversions. 
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2. A more targeted approach for driving greater demand 

We’ve seen the value of investing in Demand Partnerships so this remains a focus. In the session, van der Linden spoke about the growing list of global brands we work with. From large mapping brands, Apple Maps and Waze, to retail giants H&M and Lidl, to fintech greats Klarna, Nubank and Affirm. 

In addition, he shared: “We’re very proud of the team for having signed all the major Android OEMs (manufacturers). There’s not one of them we don’t have a pre-install deal with.” As a result, this will extend our reach to millions, if not hundreds of millions. 

Of course, it’s not just about reach. Cornuau added that it’s about being smart: “It’s not about flooding the world with apps. It’s finding the right markets, the right devices and the right countries, so we can add value to our business and to our partners.” 

3. Improvements to our Demand API for an effortless integration 

With our Demand API now in its third iteration, Director of Product and Partnerships, John Almeida explained how we can run millions of transactions through it in minutes. As this continues to evolve, he sees this single API being a key enabler of the Connected Trip. 

In recognition of the large developer community within the partnerships ecosystem, Almeida also spoke about another priority for the year: “making our documentation cleaner and available in multiple languages”, so that the new and improved Demand API is even easier to integrate

4. A strategy for scaling the Connected Trip

By the end of last year, we were able to pilot the Connected Trip to tens of thousands of our partners. We could open up a vertical and see high-level reporting, but this year, we’re looking to go further. 

Starting with our platform and white label products, we will enable you to decide which verticals you ‘turn on’ and leverage within a single tech stack – creating an immense amount of scalability for you.

5. A new take on communications based on your comments

Olalla Rey, Director of Commercial Excellence and Operations, explained how partner feedback has led to a huge investment in our knowledge base. We have increased the number of articles available to you and revamped the content to make it easier to navigate, so you can harness the tools and services we provide more effectively.

By launching the Partner Advisory Board, we’re looking to work more collaboratively and invest in co-creating products together. Currently, we have a couple of hundred partners signed up for the board, and we’re actively encouraging others to join. Almeida explained the value he sees in it: “This enables us to reach out to you when we’re running pilots, or doing experiments, or prototyping. We don’t want to invest and create products in a silo. We need your help and your feedback.”

Want to hear all the updates first-hand? 

Catch up with the full 40-minute session Partnerships: The best kept secret at on demand now. 

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  • We’re continuing to iterate our Demand API to make the Connected Trip modular – so you can pick and choose what verticals you tap into
  • We’re making significant investment in bringing our most popular desktop features in-app, and helping our partners adopt an app first mindset
  • Partner centricity is a focus for Booking in 2023. As such, your feedback will be critical in informing our future plans

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