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Travel trends: insights on Latin American travellers

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Understanding traveller behaviour is key to unlocking potential opportunities. That’s why, each year, we survey thousands of global travellers to analyse outlooks and trends. In this post, we’ll look at the results for Latin American travellers.

In total, we surveyed 6,000 bookers from across Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina. Here, we offer you insights into their sentiment and plans. 

Latin American traveller optimism is high

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With 65% saying they plan to spend more on travel, Latin America’s travellers are enthusiastic about their budgets – potentially as a result of having taken longer to recover from the effects of COVID.

Of those optimistic travellers, 45% plan to spend more while travelling, 44% are planning longer trips, 41% plan to travel further from home and 39% plan to take a higher number of trips.

This optimism could present plenty of opportunities in the region to increase spend on trips, and the frequency of trips too. 

Beaches are in, city trips are out

The top five trip types for Latin American travellers are:

  • A beach vacation – 61%
  • Weekend trip – 45%
  • A trip to visit family or friends – 34%
  • A road trip – 33%
  • A trip for a public holiday – 27%

Beach vacations are the most popular option. City trips were notably less popular here, as the only region where it didn’t make the top five responses. 

Instead, it was the only region where planning a trip for a public holiday was in the top five trip types. This could mean that planning promotions around such times could be a big opportunity.

Sightseeing and theme parks are popular draws 

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With 58% of responses, sightseeing is particularly important to Latin American travellers. Also of note is theme parks which take the second spot, while not even appearing in the top five for most regions. 

There was also a three-way tie for the fifth spot, across museums/galleries, food experiences, and, interestingly, eco-tours. The addition of eco-tours could be a potential area of growth as sustainability concerns become increasingly important.

This demonstrates that attractions are an important part of Latin American traveller plans. Offering customers access to this vertical directly through you could bring potential benefits.

Travellers are most likely to take partners and families

When it comes to who they’re planning trips with, the top five responses for Latin American travellers were:

  • With a partner or spouse – 59%
  • With a nuclear family (e.g. parents and children) – 55%
  • As a solo traveller – 18%
  • With a group of friends – 17%
  • With a friend – 15%

Like all regions, the top response was for trips with a partner or spouse, closely followed by trips with a nuclear family – with nuclear family trips more popular in Latin America than other regions around the globe.

Appealing to couples and families could therefore be key to attracting attention from Latin American travellers.

Mobile apps are the most popular way of planning

Latin America was the least likely region to rely on a laptop or personal computer (PC) for their trip planning. 

When it comes to using mobile, Latin American travellers prefer accessing information via a mobile app (48%) rather than a mobile website (39%).

In all other regions, the most common trip component booked online, not including accommodation, were flights. But in Latin America flights were tied with  packages of multiple trip elements booked together as the top component. 

In fact, Latin American travellers were almost twice as likely to book a package online compared to travellers from North America, Europe and Oceania.

Business travel is a strong possibility

When asked if they were likely travel for business, Latin American travellers were the least likely to say no – with only 25% ruling it out. Much of that planned business travel is domestic (47%), with some international travel planned too (17%).

There was scope for additional travel, as Latin American travellers were the most likely to select ‘don’t know’ as an option too, with 25% of responses.

*Research was commissioned by and independently conducted among a sample of adults who had taken a trip in the last 12 months and planned to take a trip in 2023. The sample comprised 6,000 bookers from across Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina. Respondents completed an online survey in January or February 2023.

Key takeaways

  • Latin American travellers are optimistic about their budgets, with 65% saying they plan to spend more on travel
  • They were the only group to select travelling for public holidays in their top five motivations – which could offer some potential promotional opportunities
  • Latin America was the only region where a majority of respondents said they planned to travel as part of a nuclear family
  • Business travel could boom, with few Latin American  respondents ruling it out completely


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