Travel trends: insights on Oceania travellers

oceania traveller trends

Understanding traveller behaviour is key to unlocking potential opportunities. That’s why, each year, we survey thousands of global travellers to analyse outlooks and trends. In this post, we’ll look at the results for Oceania travellers.  

In total, we surveyed 3,000 travellers from Australia and New Zealand.  Here’s what our research revealed.  

Budgets look buoyant 

Close to half of travellers from Oceania (44%) say they are looking to increase their travel budget this year. Our research shows that 14% plan to spend significantly more on travel, with a further 30% saying they are likely to spend somewhat more. Compared with last year, 40% say their budgets would remain the same, with 13% looking to spend somewhat less, and 4% significantly less.  

Taking longer trips (44%), spending more while travelling (41%), and travelling further from home (41%), were the most reported reasons for increasing travel budget. 

oceania traveller trends

Travelling with a partner takes top spot 

Romance is in the air for more than half of travellers from Oceania (56%) who say they are likely to take a trip with a partner or spouse.   

In a distant second place is travelling with a nuclear family (parents and children). Just over a quarter (28%) of those surveyed say that this was on the agenda for 2023. Around a fifth (21%) of Oceania travellers were planning on going away on a solo trip, 17% favoured going away with a group of friends, and 15% said they would go away with a friend.

Visiting family and friends is a firm favourite  

Almost half (47%) of travellers from Oceania say they will travel to see family and friends – more than any other region – which could lead to an increase in domestic travel. At 55%, New Zealanders are most likely to take this type of trip.  

Weekend trips are the next most popular option, with 40% saying this appealed. A beach vacation came in third (38%) and some 34% of Oceania travellers said they fancied taking a road trip.  

Sightseeing and shopping take priority 

When it comes to planned activities, the most popular pursuit is a sightseeing tour. Being guided through historical and cultural hotspots is a must-do for 41% of bookers from Oceania.  

Hitting the streets for a day of shopping is the second most popular experience. This appeals to 37% of Oceanians - slightly above the global average. In third place are the 36% of travellers who want to give their palettes a workout with a food experience.  

Visiting a museum or gallery was on the to-do list of 30% of Australian and New Zealand travellers.

oceania travel trends

Flights are likely booked online 

When it comes to trip components, flights are most likely booked online. Over half (53%) of Oceania travellers say they book this way – more than any other region. This also tells us that Oceania travellers fly more often than travellers from other regions. 

Roughly a third (32%) book attractions or activities online, a quarter (25%) reserve their seat in a restaurant online, and 23% book a car online.   

Laptops and personal computers are the preferred method of booking for over half (56%) of Oceania travellers, with around a third (34%) saying they book on a mobile phone app. Mobile phone websites are used by 33% of respondents to book. 

Travellers are keen to mix business with pleasure

Almost two thirds (64%) of those surveyed said that they wouldn’t be travelling for business this year. Those from New Zealand are slightly more likely than Australians to be travelling for business.  

On a more positive corporate note, 70% of those who are planning on going away for business say they would likely enhance a trip by seeing the sights. And adding on time for leisure at the end of a business trip was something that 65% of Oceania business travellers planned to do.  

*Research was commissioned by and independently conducted among a sample of adults who had taken a leisure trip in the last 12 months and planned to take a leisure trip in 2023. The sample comprised 3,000 bookers from across Australia and New Zealand. Respondents completed an online survey between January and February 2023. 

Key Takeaways

  • A large majority of Oceania travellers planned to spend either the same (40%) or more (44%) on travel in 2023
  • Travellers from Oceania are more likely to plan a trip to visit family and friends than any other regions, which could boost domestic travel
  • Most business travellers are hoping to enhance their trips by seeing the sights
  • Oceania travellers are more likely than travellers from other regions to book their flights online

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