App Deep Linking: Benefits for Businesses and Customers

Infographic of young adult, woman and man researching travel options on Booking.com via the internet

The everyday smartphone user spends 60% of their time online on their phone. Many travellers are now using their phones to search and book every element of their trip - from booking their flights to searching for hotels and hostels, and even activities or tours. 
But mobile travel websites often frustrate travellers. They typically offer an unintuitive interface and slow load times. In comparison, mobile travel apps are designed for a smooth and seamless user experience – converting more customers in the process. 
The solution is app deep linking which directs smartphone users following a mobile link to the respective app rather than the mobile website. App deep linking is the process of directing a user towards a specific page or location within an app. In this comprehensive guide, we explore what app deep linking is and the benefits it offers both customers and your strategic business.

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Discover how app deep linking:

  • converts more customers
  • benefits your mobile business goals 
  • easily directs users to an in-app page of your choice 
  • creates a better user experience for your customers

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