Booking.com study spotlights Generation Z travellers

Generation Z travellers swim at sunset in exotic travel destination

Gen Z travellers were born into a highly digitised society in which affordable, long-distance travel is the norm and not necessarily a luxury. At Booking.com, we were curious to find out what makes travel so appealing to this new generation, so we conducted a global study, surveying around 22,000 respondents in 29 different regions. The data provides valuable insights into how Gen Z travellers (aged 16-24) view life on the road, and how travel aligns with their values and larger life goals.


Key takeaways:

  • 22,000 respondents in 29 different regions
  • Generation Z is aged 16-24
  • Travel is where they want to spend their money
  • 55% believe travel helps them learn and discover more about themselves

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