Video helps Etihad Airways enhance its loyalty programme

Saif Al Suwaidi works in the commercial partnerships team at Etihad Airways. He is responsible for managing all the relationships within the hotel portfolio as well as rental cars and online travel agencies. Etihad Airways chose to work with as both and Etihad Airways have strong global brand visibility. This means their customers can trust both companies to deliver the best possible service and to be recognisable and trusted by their customer base. Saif and Etihad Airways love the great usability of’s platform and the fact that we always give their customers the best options of hotels, tours, restaurants and activities - everything they need for their perfect trip. In the future, Etihad sees the partnership evolving in a number of ways. Etihad enjoys experimenting with new products, finding out how to get the best return on investment and improve the customer experience. helps them tap into opportunities they haven’t tried yet. Etihad appreciates’s expertise in the global travel market and enjoys even more inside knowledge of the air travel market.

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