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Discover what’s coming up for Demand Partnerships in 2023 


At Click. 2023, leaders gathered to share their insights from the past year, as well as their plans for the year to come.

Taking the stage in Amsterdam and Miami, our main breakout session for Demand Partners explored how partnerships drove value in 2022, as well as the big bets we have for the future. From improvements to our Demand API and investment in our app, to a new take on communications and enhanced reporting, there were plenty of expert insights and knowledge shared.

Want to hear all the updates first-hand? You can watch the full session on demand right here.

Speakers: Mark van der Linden, VP of Partnerships; John Almeida, Director of Product for Partnerships; Stewart Jones, Senior Director Marketing for Partnerships; Jeremy Cornuau, Director Global Distribution for Partnerships; Olalla Rey, Director Commercial Excellence and Operations for Partnerships


Prefer to read key takeaways from the session? Check out all the highlights in this article.

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