Find out how helped iGraal achieve 10%+ growth in one year

iGraal is a market-leading cashback company with over 6 million users across France and Germany. Matthias Lesterlin, CEO, tells us how has supported iGraal's growth and how our relationship helped them deliver the best travel service to their customers. iGraal’s mission is to offer the best solution to customers to save them money. has been the market leader for booking hotels for over 20 years in France but iGraal is a relatively new market leader with just two years in this position. iGraal benefits hugely from’s global influence as a trusted brand. Working with has had a direct effect on their business growth. By working with the next year’s revenues had grown to an impressive 30%. iGraal and enjoy a very productive and successful long-term relationship. We meet regularly to discuss business goals and progress. iGraal love the fact that we always push them to achieve more than they expect. At, we always strive to exceed projection, test new approaches and work hard to make sure we deliver the best, most complete, connected travel experience to iGraal’s customers.

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