Meet some of the friendly partnerships team at

At we are very proud of our partnerships team. They work incredibly hard to ensure our partners reach the widest audience possible and that they get the best return on investment. In this video, we talk to Nikita, Sinem, Rogier, Farzana and Daniel about why they love working at For Rogier it’s the entrepreneurial spirit of the company. For Sinem its the diversity and variety of cultures she enjoys most. Sinem works in EMEA which gives her opportunities to build strong and long-lasting relationships with a wide range of partners from different backgrounds and countries. As a global company, we thrive on diversity. Understanding the different ways of working around the world is a key goal of, and Daniel agrees with this sentiment. He loves the opportunity to meet people from all over the world - over 100 different countries, in fact. Farzana enjoys the ability to test and try new products with partners from a variety of countries, while Nikita simply loves helping people have amazing travel experiences and helping succeed as a market leader in the travel industry.

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