Summer is here

The summer season is in full swing, and the air is buzzing with travel again.


Our data shows that this year, summer bookings are over 15% higher than at the same point in 2019. While conditions remain unpredictable, growing demand points to a busy summer ahead. 

Partners like you have told us you’re expecting a busy summer season. With the help of our dedicated demand driving marketing kits and our insights and advice, we’re here to support you.

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Capture mid-season demand

Don’t miss out on summer travel demand. The majority of searches on our platform are still for stays in June and July. Our new Summer 2022 marketing kit is designed to help you capture the higher demand that we're seeing this summer and to make the most of the upcoming season.

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Investing in summer together

To prepare for the big summer ahead, we’re investing in co- marketing efforts to turn pent-up travel demand by offering a Summer 2022 marketing kit and the Getaway Deals marketing kit.

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Appeal to high-value traveller segments

Our data shows four high-value traveller types trending this summer. Appeal to these segments and help grow your revenue

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Flexibility remains key

Traveller confidence has increased, but over 90% of our platform's bookings are still for flexible rates.

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Capture mid-season demand

pool floats

More than half of summer searches now are for June and July.

Currently, more than half of the summer searches on our platform are for stays in June and July. For the Northern Hemisphere, the search volume has nearly doubled compared to 2021. Capture rising demand by utilizing  our new Summer 2022 marketing kit or Getaway Deals marketing kit and make the most of the upcoming season.

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Invest in summer together

Our co-marketing efforts to help capture summer demand.

By offering marketing kits we want to enable you to promote deals and demand driving messaging that is tested on our core platform.
This summer we are offering two marketing kits to support you in driving demand by promoting Getaway Deals and Summer 2022 messaging through your own channels.

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summer is here

Appeal to high-value traveller segments


Appeal to key traveller needs and preferences.


of searches on our platform are for international travel, a significant increase from last year


of current searches are for family stays. Families also tend to stay longer and spend more during their stay – so appealing to this segment can help grow your revenue.


of global travellers make plans as a couple, 22% plan with a group and 17% intend to go solo.

3-7 day

stays make up over half of the searches on our platform for the summer period.

Flexibility remains key

So far for summer 2022, more than 90%* of travellers are booking fully flexible rates.

While flexible rates make up the majority of bookings on our platform, non-refundable bookings are regaining popularity. 

Did you know that ‘Free cancellation’ is one of the top-used filters on our platform for summer searches? 

Make sure to focus on flexibility in your campaign messaging in order to capture this high-intent segment.


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